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Helping Candidates Start a New Career

At S & K Search Services, LLC we are dedicated to assisting you in identifying opportunities that meet your unique personal & professional goals. Although we work with our clients to fill specific positions, we also take a proactive approach in creating a marketing campaign for those individuals who have specific goals they want to accomplish in their career. This begins by taking the time to understand your unique aspirations and then work closely with you to select specific companies, geographical locations and specific roles. We then identify the decision makers within those organizations and verbally present your talents to those individuals in order to secure interest in your background.

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Meeting With Us

Conduct a detailed employment search with our assistance. When you work with us, our agents will help you through the entire search process; we will provide you with an in-depth consultation to determine your goals and aspirations, help you understand different job cultures, as well as create a better resume to highlight your talents and accomplishments.
Our professionals have the ability to create a marketing strategy, built around the backgrounds, skills, and achievements of our candidates and take a proactive stance on finding those unique opportunities that will move your career forward.

No-Cost Services

You don't have to worry about paying anything for our service. There are no fees associated with the assistance we provide our candidates.