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Locating Talent

At S & K Search Services, LLC it is our goal to assist companies in identifying and evaluating the top talent available in the market place. Through our process, we are able to locate and gauge candidates that are confidentially seeking new opportunities allowing our clients to access individuals who would not be available through normal channels. We take pride in our ability to uncover these individuals and understand that our clients are not just looking for an employee; rather, they are looking for unique solutions for their complex problems.

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Comprehensive Executive Search Services

Our process begins with getting to know and understand our client’s exclusive problems, goals and company culture in order to precisely identify those individuals that can not only perform the duties of the position but excel at them while being an invaluable asset to the morale of the company. Once we understand our client’s goals, we then begin an exhaustive search to locate individuals who can meet our client’s urgent needs and conduct an extensive profile of the individual’s abilities, talents and distinctive personality.

After we have successfully completed our in-depth profile and established the candidate’s ability to perform the duties of the position, we then present those individuals for further consideration. We also assist our client’s in scheduling interviews, debriefing candidates, negotiating compensation and on-boarding the candidate after offer acceptance.

Filling Any Job

Our team helps businesses find the perfect candidates for a variety of positions. We gather the necessary information from our clients to know what they are seeking in an individual. Some of the searches we have completed include:

Chief Information Security Officers | Risk Managers | Principal Security Analyst | Account Services | Information Security

Paying for our Service

Compensating us for our services is easy to do, as we offer our clients several plans from which to choose, which include; contingency, retained, and engaged. Give us a call today to learn more about our payment choices.